All three of my Pekingese have a sense of fun and humor, that is for sure.  Ziggy, however, is more what one would call “quirky.”  He just does things that are inexplicable and downright hysterical, and I’m sure he doesn’t even mean them to be.  Case in point….


I walked into the kitchen one evening to find this.  Ziggy just sitting on the table.  There was no food up there, he wasn’t DOING anything….. just sitting.  He is so funny!!!


And this was from another time…..   Waiting for me to make breakfast?????


This is Ziggy’s favorite spot these days.  He sits in the windowsill like a cat, or on top of the crates, and watches the neighborhood.  Charlie showed him how to do this.


Here is a picture of the three wee Pekingese from last night.  We were having a wild and crazy Friday night!

Love my littles!!!  : )


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