Week One.

Frankie arrived home a mere week ago.  It seems like longer, because he so easily fit in here.  Chloe had her diva hissy fit for about 48 hours before she calmed down and realized Frankie was OK.   Frankie is very gentle and respectful with the little dogs, but they still aren’t too sure about playing with him.  Ziggy has romped a few times with him.

Frankie is one happy boy, considering all he has been through so far in his 2 1/2 years.  He loves to plunk his big head on my leg for scritches, while that tail wags non-stop.  He has some manners to learn, especially with jumping up when excited, but he is a smart fellow.  He has already gone walking on the off leash trail with me and my friend with her Greyhound.  They had a blast!  Frankie also made a quick visit to my nursing facility, where he enjoyed meeting new people.  Some things startle him, but he recovers quickly, and tries to cautiously investigate, which is a good sign.  He just wasn’t socialized a lot up to this point.  But he is one loving cuddle bug!!  Frankie LOVES being close to his person, and he sleeps snuggled up to me each night, sharing my pillow, letting out huge sighs of contentment.

All this in just the first week.  I can’t wait to watch him blossom and grow and learn. 🙂

Playing a gentle game of tug with the Diva Girl.

He found the bed rather quickly.  😉

He loves his Kong!!  Even when it is empty, he tosses it around and chases after it.  Silly boy!

Who could possibly resist this face?????


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Oliver J. Chin on April 10, 2011 at 12:36 pm

    You are a gorgeous hunk and am so glad to be your friend. Love the close-up. Great picture……….Chinnie kisses


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