Things Frankie has already learned within the first two weeks of being here:

-Give Chloe wide berth.  (this is lesson numero uno)

-Do not use momma’s shoes at toys or chew things.

-I must sit before I get my food or Kong, even though this is VERY HARD.

-Ziggy does not find it amusing to drag him around the house in his dog bed.

-Do not use dog beds as throw toys, even without little dogs in them.

-I fit through the big doggy door.  I do NOT fit through the small doggie door.

-Jumping around or on momma like a rabid kangaroo gets me nowhere.

-I like to meet new people and go new places.

-I am allowed to run off my leash with doggie friends.  Momma is hysterically happy if I go towards her when she calls me.

-If I want to get out of the car to go play with my doggie friends, I need to calm down and get my harness on, then wait til momma says it is ok to get out.  This is SOOOOOOOO  HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

-I love riding in the car.

-I REALLY love the Zoom Groom brush thingy.

-Momma does not like it when I lay on her head.

-I am part of a new family, and we are all still learning about each other.


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