Walking adventures.

I’ve taken Frankie out and about several times now.  We go to the off leash dog park.  We go to Dorris Ranch Park where he got to run off leash with his Greyhound friend.  We go to PetSmart.  But we had not gone on an extended walk with him on the leash.  I decided we would try it today, since the evening was so pretty.

I use a Gentle Leader No Pull harness on Frankie.  I have just always used it on my big dogs, it is easier than wrestling with them or hearing them gag as they pull on their collars.  I was really expecting this walk to be unruly and messy.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that Frankie walked with me very nicely 99% of the time!!  How nice!! 

On our way back, we had only about 1/4 of the way left to go to get back to the house.  Frankie had stopped to pee on a couple things, but far fewer than I expected.  He headed onto a grassy patch, and I thought he was getting ready to poop, so I reached for my handy dandy poop bag.   No.  Instead…. He dove head first ONTO a pile of poop, and proceeded to thoroughly smash it into his neck and collar.

Talk.  About.  Gross.   *sigh*  I have never had  a poop diver before.  He was quite pleased with himself.  When we got home, I trotted him, harness, leash, and all, right into the bathroom, and shut the door.  In the closed and close quarters I started to gag…… the SMELL!!!!!!!   UGH!!  Frankie was scrambling all around to go anywhere but actually in the bathtub.  To get him there, and keep him there, I ended up in the shower with him, with all my clothes still on.  Geez, talk about the things we dog moms do!!!!

In the end, he came out smelling like vanilla, but the collar needs a good wash.  I was a soggy and sorry mess.  All is well that ends well, I guess.  😉

Tired, are you??????


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