Second bath in a week…. this can’t be good….

So I took Frankie to the dog park today.  We have been several times now, and he does so great.  I usually walk around the path which follows the perimeter of the fenced off area, and Frankie follows me or meanders around.  He does not usually interact a whole lot with the other dogs other than to just greet them in a friendly manner. 

This evening there were four of us there, with four dogs.  Instead of walking around the path today, I approached the other three people and their dogs.  Frankie joined me, and after proper doggie intros, was trotting and running around with the other three dogs.  He ended up playing and running and chasing much more than any other previous visit.  Was it because I was socializing with the other humans, so he felt it OK to socialize with the other dogs?  Or was he just more comfortable with the park in general, and these dogs were more the type he wanted to play with?  I find it an interesting question.

This being the cursed state of Oregon, at one point it began to rain pretty hard.  The four humans were standing in the field, still chatting.  We looked over to realize…..  our four dogs had gone under the overhang cover, out of the rain, and were completely dry.  So much for humans being smarter.

The humans trooped over to the shelter, and the dogs ran a muck for a while longer.  I don’t mind a wet dog, especially when I saw how much fun Frankie was having with the other dogs.  They were Angus, the Beagle; Suzy, the pointer mix; and Sara, the border collie type.  As we stood under the shelter and watched our dogs run and play together, the subject of pit bulls came up.  Sara’s dad admitted he is uncomfortable around pit bulls, and was nervous seeing Frankie and I come in the park.  However, he then said he thought Frankie was “a really nice dog.”  Angus and Suzy’s parents, a married couple, said when they went looking for a companion for Angus, they purposely passed by the pit bulls.  They are a bit disturbed that some people think Suzy (only 10 months old) is a pit bull mix.  They hope that she retains her slim, long-legged features so no one thinks she is a pit bull as an adult.  Frankie had given both husband and wife kisses when they bent over to pet him, and they thought he was great. 

It broke my heart to hear each person talk about their prejudices and preconceptions.  I had hoped things had improved for the pit bull’s perceptions after the whole Michael Vick debacle.  I remember telling a few different people after both Anna and TeddyBear passed on last summer that I would never own a pit bull again.  Why, they asked?   Because I am exhausted from the effort of fighting prejudice and breed specific legislation, I am tired of my heart hurting to see people cross the street to stay away from my dogs, I am sick of being afraid of my dogs being stolen by those who want to fight pit bulls.  And yet…. here I am again.  I love this breed, and I love my Frankie.

But……. back to the dog park.  Frankie found something to roll in.  Over and over and over again.  I am glad to say it was not poop this time, but with all the rain, he ended up covered head to tail in mud.  *sigh*  The bath actually went a bit easier this time.  I did, however, get rid of my clothing beforehand, and once he was in the tub, Frankie seemed a bit more resigned to the process.  Right now, he is sound asleep, curled up in a dog bed next to my computer desk.  Full, tired, and clean.  A lot more than I can say his life was just three months ago.  


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