Blueberries and other quirkiness.

Blueberries…… who knew the dogs would like them so much??  Some coworkers and residents made a tasty fruity treat as a therapy task, and we got to sample the desserts.  Some folks took some of the extra blueberries and tried them out on Peanut, to see if he would like them.  Wow, he sure did!  Tasty and good for him, too.  He gobbled them up!

When Ziggy came in the afternoon, we tried out the blueberries on him.  He can be VERY fussy about what he likes to eat.  He does, however, really like carrots, so we thought there was a good chance he would eat the blueberries.  Ziggy carefully took one in his mouth, and rolled it around.  Then he spit it out.  And put it in his mouth again.  Then took it to his bed.  He then did a projectile spit of the blueberry.  And then he chased it. ????  I have the weirdest dogs!  I took the cue, and tossed the blueberry across the therapy gym.  It was fetched, retrieved, and returned to the dog bed.  Unbelievable.  He wouldn’t eat it, but it was a very cool toy.  We played fetch a few times, and then Ziggy retired the blueberry by burying it in the blanket in the dog bed.  Peanut found it the next morning and ate it.  😀

Another bizarre thing we found the dogs like….. those big mango seeds.  A coworker gave Peanut the seed when she was done with her mango, and he went crazy over it!!  Chewed on it, slurped off the fruit, and used it like a chew toy.  Ziggy did the same, then rolled all over it.  Guess he likes the mango scent.  My funny little dogs!


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