Four months with Frankie

This past week, it was the four month anniversary of adopting Frankie.  I can’t believe it has only been four months!  It is as if he has been here much longer.  Frankie is most certainly a permanent member of this family. 

What a joy this fellow is!!  He is loving and affectionate, a goofball, a social butterfly, and everything wonderful rolled into one handsome doggie package. 

Frankie has been doing so well with his socialization.  He graduated from his first manners class, and he goes to work with me on a regular basis.  He will be taking his therapy dog certification test in the near future, and I know he will pass with flying colors!  Frankie is also a wonderful pit bull ambassador.  People have been amazed at how well behaved and gentle he is, commenting that they thought all pit bulls were “mean.”  Frankie is going to carry on in TeddyBear’s paw prints, changing perceptions as to what a REAL pit bull is.


Frankie is the most dog social pit bull I have ever known.  He gets along with every dog he meets!  And if the other dog is not friendly, or interested, Frankie appeases and moves on.  He has welcomed the new foster dog here with open paws, and loves to play off leash with dog buddies.  I could not ask for a better boy.

My favorite part of the day is getting in bed, and having Frankie snuggle down with me under the covers.  He curls up against me, lays his head on my shoulder, and lets out a huge sigh of contentment.  All is right in the world, for both of us. 

The boy is still a total spaz when it comes to feeding time or leaving time.  I find it annoying, but hey, if that is his only flaw, I’ll take it!!  Otherwise, Frankie is pretty darn near perfect.  Love you, my Frankie Boy!!!!!!!!



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