Dog Camp 2011

Time again for another year at “Call of the Wild” dog camp in Yachats, OR with Caroline Spark of “City Dog, Country Dog.”  It is our favorite time of year!

The initial plan was for both Frankie and Peanut to attend with me.  Unfortunately, Peanut got sick a few days before camp, and I had to leave him behind.  When Frankie and I showed up at the registration desk without the little doodle, Karolin and Kate said they would have to close down camp, because we just CAN’T have dog camp without Peanut!  LOL!

Frankie had so much fun running down at the river with new doggie friends.  Here are some pictures.

On Saturday morning, I got word that Peanut was feeling fine again, and zooming around the house like a mad man.  I felt so badly now, because he was missing camp!!!  I decided to skip out for a few hours while I drove back home, dropped off Frankie, and got Peanut.  What a joyous welcome Peanut got from everyone!!  So funny!  It worked out so nicely, actually, because each dog got a day and a half at camp, and two nights in Yachats with me. 

Here are a couple pics from our session using clicker training and shaping to teach the dogs to ride a skateboard….

Half way on, looking at me like, WHAT are we doing???

On the skateboard lying down, and I was rolling it forward and backward.  Peanut is such a smartie!! 

Frankie and I took a class on distraction work and how to get Frankie re-focused, and we also took a confidence building class, utilizing parts of an agility course with a ton of other objects added in.  He did fabulous in both!!  Frankie even got his front half up onto a large ball, balancing himself with my help.  The instructor was impressed, and said Frankie really trusts me. 

Is this not the most GORGEOUS boy you have ever seen??????   His physique is just like TeddyBear’s, and they weigh exactly the same.  I’ve got a thing for square headed, muscular pit bull boys!

What a face.   This is my all time favorite picture of Frankie.


Peanut enjoying a lovely evening at our cottage.


Getting sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy……..

And look what was for sale this year at camp….. postcards!  And Peanut is on the top left corner, playing with his friend, Maddy. 

Already looking forward to next year’s camp!!!!  Woo hoo!!!!  🙂


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