Week One.

Frankie arrived home a mere week ago.  It seems like longer, because he so easily fit in here.  Chloe had her diva hissy fit for about 48 hours before she calmed down and realized Frankie was OK.   Frankie is very gentle and respectful with the little dogs, but they still aren’t too sure about playing with him.  Ziggy has romped a few times with him.

Frankie is one happy boy, considering all he has been through so far in his 2 1/2 years.  He loves to plunk his big head on my leg for scritches, while that tail wags non-stop.  He has some manners to learn, especially with jumping up when excited, but he is a smart fellow.  He has already gone walking on the off leash trail with me and my friend with her Greyhound.  They had a blast!  Frankie also made a quick visit to my nursing facility, where he enjoyed meeting new people.  Some things startle him, but he recovers quickly, and tries to cautiously investigate, which is a good sign.  He just wasn’t socialized a lot up to this point.  But he is one loving cuddle bug!!  Frankie LOVES being close to his person, and he sleeps snuggled up to me each night, sharing my pillow, letting out huge sighs of contentment.

All this in just the first week.  I can’t wait to watch him blossom and grow and learn. 🙂

Playing a gentle game of tug with the Diva Girl.

He found the bed rather quickly.  😉

He loves his Kong!!  Even when it is empty, he tosses it around and chases after it.  Silly boy!

Who could possibly resist this face?????



All three of my Pekingese have a sense of fun and humor, that is for sure.  Ziggy, however, is more what one would call “quirky.”  He just does things that are inexplicable and downright hysterical, and I’m sure he doesn’t even mean them to be.  Case in point….


I walked into the kitchen one evening to find this.  Ziggy just sitting on the table.  There was no food up there, he wasn’t DOING anything….. just sitting.  He is so funny!!!


And this was from another time…..   Waiting for me to make breakfast?????


This is Ziggy’s favorite spot these days.  He sits in the windowsill like a cat, or on top of the crates, and watches the neighborhood.  Charlie showed him how to do this.


Here is a picture of the three wee Pekingese from last night.  We were having a wild and crazy Friday night!

Love my littles!!!  : )


I have not written in ages, because to update my blog I have to post about losing two more of my beloved dogs.  But, here it goes….

Old Man Stan went to the Rainbow Bridge on January 27th.  He died peacefully in my arms, knowing he was loved and cherished.  He had been on a long, slow decline, and he wasn’t interested in being here any longer. 

My last picture of Old Man Stan:

Charlie’s loss is so painful I can’t express it.  He began attacking Peanut, unprovoked, causing a couple of minor injuries, but with the potential for much more.  Charlie bit me by accident while trying to pull him off Peanut, and I had to go to the ER.  After the third attack in less that a week, where Peanut got slashed right near his eye, it was enough.  Peanut was utterly terrified, and he was shaking and hiding from Charlie.  Peanut was terrified in his own home, and I felt he was not safe with Charlie around.  I contacted the shelters to give up Charlie, but either no one was available to assess him, or they just would not take him.  The next morning, Charlie suddenly could not walk on his hind legs.  I could not touch him.  He was agitated, in pain.  I did the only kind thing I could think of, I took him in and also had him put to sleep.  It was exactly one week after Stan. 

Charlie would not go quietly.  He was so restless, he dislodged the first catheter put in.  I was trying to hold him, and he would not lie down.  It was not a peaceful death like Stan’s.  Charle was struggling the whole time, and when the injection was given, he collapsed in my arms.  It was ugly and painful to watch.  My stubborn bulldog was fighting to the very end.   It was horrible.  I am haunted by it. 

I wish a million times I could have figured out something else to do.  In the four short months Charlie Bear was here, he utterly charmed me and I adored him.  He loved me fiercely.  But Peanut had to be my priority.  He was at risk of being seriously harmed.  And he was being emotionally terrorized.  I don’t know what happened, or why it happened, or what I could have done differently.  This will be one of those regrets that will never leave me.

I am so sorry, my sweet, funny, goofy Charlie Bear.  I hope you have finally found some peace.  You will always have a very special place in my heart.

A pondering little peanut.

We have had a few good storms this week, with lots of wind and heavy rain.  (That is saying something, since I live in Oregon, and it rains here a great deal to begin with.)  Wednesday night, I had drifted off to sleep when Peanut came up the steps onto the bed, and stuck his head under the covers to snuggle.  He was sopping, soaking wet!  I let out a yelp and jumped out of the bed, I was so startled.  I started grumbling at him about going out into a storm to potty and then thinking he was getting into my warm bed.  I was looking around for a towel to dry him off with, when I realized he wasn’t in the house anymore.  He had gone back out the dog door.

I couldn’t understand why he went back out into the driving rain.  I waited several minutes, and he did not come back in.  It finally hit me what he was doing.  Peanut loves to sit outside in the evenings, all by himself.  I ask him if he is contemplating the stars and conversing with the moon.  He always looks so serious as he silently watches over his world.

I quietly went down the stairs into the mud room, and looked straight down out the window of the back door.  There was Peanut, sitting under the little overhang, watching the storm.  The rain was hitting the ground so hard, it was soaking him even under the shelter.  I opened the door, and he looked up at me, round little white face, dripping wet, with his big brown eyes.  He seemed to say, “Isn’t the neat???”  He declined my invitation to come inside, so I gently shut the door, letting Peanut contemplate the raindrops and converse with the wind.

Charlie is here!

Oh my goodness, what can I say?  I was at PetSmart two weeks ago with Ziggy, and I passed by the dogs for adoption from Lane County Animal Services.  I saw Charlie, and was immediately drawn to him.  He rolled over for a tummy rub after sniffing Ziggy over.  I spent the next hour and a half with him, and the volunteers of LCAS and Save The Pets.  That was on Sunday.  On Tuesday, when the shelter was open next, I took a half day off work to go get my Charlie-Bear.


Introductions with the Pekingese Posse went just fine.  Even with Chloe!!  I am so proud of her.  Using the clicker, peanut butter, and LAT, I introduced her to Charlie without her ever growling, lunging, or snapping.  She was loose leash the entire time.  Charlie did his part by being the laid back and easy going fellow he is.  Here they are, an hour later, off leash and laying side by side in the yard.  Not something that ever would have happened with Chloe just a few months ago.


Charlie is a bulldog mix, no doubt about it.  He’s got the barrel shaped body, the wonky elbows, and the bizarre array of noises.  He snorts, grunts, honks, barks, and moans in all sorts of way to talk with you.  I can’t even adequately describe the sounds, you just have to hear them for yourself.  Charlie looks old because of the coloring on his face, and the slow waddling way he walks, but Dr. Kathy estimated he is probably only 4 to 5 years old.

In true bulldog fashion, this boy is a clown!! His favorite toy is a ball of any kind.

He found the bed his first day here.  From day one, he has slept on the bed, often under the covers, just like TeddyBear used to do.  I can’t even express what a wonderful comfort it is to have a big warm lump curled up with me again.

And when he isn’t on my bed, he is trying to curl himself up small enough to  fit in the pekingese beds.

He somehow even squeezes himself through the small dog door.  I don’t know how he does it!  Here he climbed on top of the pekingeses’ crates to lie with a pillow he wanted.  Can we say bulldog tenacity and stubbornness????  Got it!

Charlie has been to work with me twice, and he enjoys visiting with everyone there.  The noises and equipment and smells don’t phase him at all.  He will make a great therapy dog!!

Charlie will never replace TeddyBear, but I do believe Teddy sent him to me.  I have been grieving so much and missing Teddy every single day.  He was the love of my life.  I still miss TB, of course, but the healing may have finally begun.  Charlie is a big, wiggly, happy boy who gives me kisses and asks for belly rubs.  He makes me laugh out loud with his silliness and playfulness.   He melts my heart when he curls up under the covers with me, sighs with contentment, and begins to snore.  I am filled with joy that I found my Charlie-Bear.


The things I love about Chloe.

Her funny little face with her pushed in nose and big, dark brown eyes.

She looks like a gorilla.

Her severe underbite with her toofies showing.

The one white foot.

Her soft, fuzzy fur.

How she looks like an Ewok when she lays on her back for a tummy rub.

How she waves her front feet up and down for special attention, whether she is wanting more tummy rubs, or sitting begging, or standing on her hind feet saying hello.

Her sassy, saucy attitude.

How she sometimes jumps into the bathtub to steal the stopper.

Her fast little kisses.

How she can’t wait until I open my eyes in the morning to say hello.

She sleeps with her head on my pillow.

How she loves to wrestle with Peanut and grabs his leg and shakes it to get him going.

Her super duper zoomies all around the house plus in and out of the dog door.

How she adores playing with the lure toy, and will lay next to it until I pick it up when I watch TV.

She follows me everywhere, sometimes even into the shower.

How she brings so much joy and comfort to the nursing facility patients, loving to sit in laps.

When I walk down to the store, she waits at the corner of the backyard fence, and when I get to the property, she lets out one bark.  When I say, “Who’s that?” she RUNS around to the other side of the yard where the door is.

How she grabs her leash and SHAKES it as she walks, or grabs Peanut’s leash to pull him along.

Her ears are so soft I could stroke them for hours.

When you go to pick her up, she does a little jump to help you get her off the ground.

I love to see her tail wag.

She is a Diva with a capital “D”!

She is a rough and tumble girl.

The only dog she really adores is Peanut.

She told me what her name was.

I love Chloe because she is Chloe.

Pawtrait pictures of Ziggy Zoo

Playing around with the new camera….

Who can resist this snaggle toothed funny face???